Jul, 5, 2012,
10:00 AM

Notes from Japan

A Chicago-based Mies Society member couldn’t help but think of Mies on her trip to Japan and sent us these phone photos and notes.

"We were lucky to have 2 nights at the Tawaraya Inn in Kyoto, a national treasure and one of the finest ryokan since 1709. It is exquisitely classic and therefore minimal, with every object, view and experience carefully arranged. Not surprising to find Mies on the bookshelf in the study of the owners husband." Mies Society member traveling in Japan

"We did a flower arranging class in Kyoto yesterday. I thought I did a good job but you’ll see here all the bits that still needed to be pruned off for perfection. And yes, the teacher actually said " less is more." also interesting that the teaching is similar to stories I’ve heard of Mies where he’d sit with a student looking at a work and smoking but saying nothing. The student would be so nervous that he would look at the work trying to see what could be wrong and find opportunities for improvement on his own. Mies would leave having said nothing. This class was mostly the same way." Mies Society member traveling in Japan

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Jun, 25, 2012,
4:44 PM

1995 in Lafayette Park

In connection with our exhibition on Lafayette Park, we’ll feature a historic document each week. Today’s newsletter front page, along with other bits of information we will present through July, are courtesy of Betty Brown and the publication, "Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies," 2012. If you would like to share ephemera from Lafayette Park, send us a copy at miesmembership@iit.edu.

Today’s time machine comes in the form of “Our Place,” a newsletter cover from 1995 that boasts the following:

1.) A shout-out to Sam Johnson, who bought his 1347 Joliet (on the Meadow) unit from Juanita Dess. It’s noted Mr. Johnson worked for Chrysler as an inspector and had been there for more than 20 years (sigh, those were the days)

2.) A call for people to run for the board and, interestingly, a reminder that if you want to nominate someone for the board it’s important to first make sure they want to do it.

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Jun, 20, 2012,
10:45 AM

Bustle in the Hedgerow: Urban Living in a Prairie Landscape

Noah Resnick, Associate Professor of Architecture at University of Detroit Mercy, spoke in S. R. Crown Hall about Lafayette Park, where he also happens to live.

Check out this video of his June 7, 2012 lecture, which opened the Mies Society’s exhibition, "Lafayette Park: The Settlement Shape," featuring designs and models from the breakthrough habitat. It is free and open to the public through July 27, 2012, Mondays through Fridays.

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