Apr, 5, 2012,
11:50 AM

Follow Mies to Win

Follow Mies van der Rohe on facebook. Then mark your calendar.

The first to “like” a post on Tuesday, April 10 at 2 p.m. wins a $350 cut and color service at Vidal Sassoon salon in Chicago.

What’s hair got to do with Mies? Check out this blog entry to learn why we celebrated his influence on iconic stylist Vidal Sassoon for the the architect’s 126 birthday.

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Apr, 4, 2012,
3:39 PM

Architize Director Justine’s Hair

Mies Society Director Justine Jentes will do anything to celebrate modern design. She’ll even dye… her hair, that is.

In honor of Mies’ 126th birthday celebration and his influence on hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, the eponymous Chicago salon re-designed Justine’s hair. Here are pictures from the process.

Her blond and curly hair is already pretty fantastic.

Here’s what happens when they start to mess around with it.

And then they got all Frank Gehry on it by using silver reflective forms.

Which turned it into a smooth dome of strawberry blond.

But wait. There’s purple! There’s magenta!

The result… a highly structured but simple hairstyle.

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Mar, 29, 2012,
3:02 PM

This is what Mies’ 126th birthday party looked like. We had live haircuts, live Vidal Sassoon models, live architects, students, designers, Mies Society members… and it rocked! (Spot Helmut Jahn! Spot Mies’ grandson, architect Dirk Lohan!)

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