Feb, 14, 2012,
1:02 PM

Less is More Fashionable

Street shots from the current New York Fashion Week might feature yarn flowers and variations on the Hawaiin shirt, but new London designers appear to be inspired by Mies’ minimalist approach.

Just as Mies’ buildings relied on simplicity and structure, images from the nascent “new minimalism" movement indicate young European designers are doing the same. Without ornament, excess, or confusion about who, exactly, these outfits are meant for, simple yet sculptural attire is making a comeback across the Atlantic.

As far as the Mies Society is concerned, such personal aesthetics couldn’t be better timed. The architect’s influence on iconic hairstylist Vidal Sassoon will be the focus of Mies 126th birthday celebration next month.

Like Vidal Sassoon’s creations, minimalist fashions are made for women to wear with little fuss. The unintended benefit is the ability to match one’s modernist surroundings!

Image courtesy of Vidal Sassoon

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Feb, 6, 2012,
4:39 PM

Of hair and home

Vidal Sassoon, whose revolutionary approach to hair was influenced by Mies’ approach to buildings, lives in a home the legendary architect might appreciate.

The minimalist, glass-walled structure by Richard Neutra is profiled in this Architectural Digest slideshow and article.

Sassoon credits his work in hair to the Bauhaus. Both his cuts and Mies’ creations favor form over decoration and angular geometry over classical curves.

Come celebrate this unlikely influence at Mies’ 126th birthday party on March 27!

Images courtesy of Vidal Sassoon and ifitshipitshere.

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