Jul, 28, 2011,
4:55 PM

"Man on a Bench": a campus fixture

The “Man on a Bench” just outside Perlstein Hall looks badly in need of a shower, or at least a good hose-down. The University commissioned George Segal to make IIT’s first permanent outdoor sculpture in honor of the 1986 centennial of Mies’ birth. The Man has been relaxing here ever since, except for a brief break in 2000 when the senior class prank involved sitting him on then-President Lew Collen’s desk chair.

Segal, known for his lifelike human models in pieces like Chance Meeting, cast this one in bronze and then coated him with white acrylic resin. Paid for in part by the B.F. Ferguson Fund of the Art Institute of Chicago, which only covers projects on public lands, the statues actually comprises the tiniest park in the city of Chicago. Nine by six feet, Park 474 is known as a friendly zone for weary students and snowmen alike.

See all this and more on the Mies Society’s daily tour of IIT’s campus. 

Photos courtesy of Darius Norvilas and Steve Silverman. 

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Jul, 27, 2011,
9:53 AM

The Rise and Fall of LEGO City

Rome may not have been built in a day, but they had to worry about things like “structural stability” and “providing shelter for real people.” Luckily for us, building with LEGOs requires no such considerations, and on Saturday, around 500 LEGO enthusiasts of all ages filed into Crown Hall and built a whole city in seven hours (although you’d be impressed by the stability and size of many of the structuresthere were a lot of architecture-savvy IIT alumni present). 

Monday, IIT staff undertook the daunting task of dismantling the city—unlike Rome, we didn’t have any Visigoths to do it for us. We started out orderly, breaking apart the pieces with our hands and sorting them by color. By mid-morning, we were throwing them on Mies’ sturdy concrete floor, and by the afternoon, we were aping Godzilla

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Jul, 22, 2011,
9:10 AM

LEGO Master Builder in Crown Hall Saturday

This Saturday, our LEGO event attendees can witness the reconstruction of Farnsworth House—in LEGO form!


Adam Reed Tucker will re-create a scale version of the Plano, Illinois home designed by Mies. Tucker works in collaboration with The LEGO Group to design and distribute the LEGO Architecture line. Throughout his professional career, Adam has worked to develop programs to foster understanding and appreciation of architecture, engineering and design. Through his work Adam strives to promote the brick as a medium and not just as a traditional toy.

As a LEGO Certified Professional (LCP), Adam focuses specifically on the design & construction of skyscrapers and other architectural structures reaching out to the public via events and school programs.

For more information on Adam and his company Brickstructures visit www.brickstructures.com.

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