Jun, 24, 2011,
10:28 AM

Experience the artist’s perspective

Our recently opened exhibitions in Crown Hall, “The Common Citizenship of Forms” by Jeff Carter and “It All Comes Back” by Chicago Robotic Theater deal with nostalgia and space in a novel way. Get the artists’ insights on their own works in these videos of their June 12 lectures (featuring Kinetic Sculptures, the Links Hall dancers featured in this photograph).

Here, Carter discusses his scale model of the Michael Reese Hospital Campus, made almost entirely from Ikea products. Notice the toy rats in the Cummings Pavilion (at 13:52), to represent the building’s use for animal research, and how the Power Plant (at 19:01) is the only sculpture not connected to a power outlet.

Here, Christopher Furman tells the stories behind the ten different stages of life (from childhood to death) represented in CRT’s sculptures. Can you relate to the creaky ladder of success (at 27:36)?

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Jun, 23, 2011,
8:00 AM

Mies Is Everywhere—As evidenced by this video essay from a Mies fan in England’s East Midlands…. a fun, cheeky review of minimalist advertisements….the lead-in to a New York Times article about Chicago’s disgraced governor….and a recent article in the Independent about the “secret history” of the Barcelona chair.

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Jun, 16, 2011,
8:00 AM

Summer Events at Crown Hall

Each summer, the Mies Society welcomes art and performance to S.R. Crown Hall, the space Mies called “a home of ideas and adventures.” Mark your calendars and come see us!

June 2nd-July 31st—Exhibitions: The Common Citizenship of Forms and It All Comes Back

July 23rd—Help Build a LEGO City

See the full details for these events.

In addition, IIT Alumni Association is hosting fun times at U.S. Cellular Field. Learn more.

We hope to see you on campus this summer!

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