Mar, 29, 2011,
3:51 PM

It’s Mies Week at IIT

Well, the party’s over but the fun continues as we honor Mies van der Rohe’s 125th birthday. Stop by the McCormick Tribune Campus Center for fun deals all this week.

The Pritzker Club will have a Mies-Prix-Fixe meal each day of the week. The $15 meals featuring German cuisine include soup, entree, and dessert.

The Global Grounds coffee shop in the MTCC will sell 10-ounce bags of Mies van der Roast coffee for $8 and 2-pound bags for $18.

The IIT Bookstore is offering 20% off all architecture titles and 20% off all Mies merchandise.

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Mar, 25, 2011,
7:48 PM

Mies’ 125th birthday

Mies’ birthday 125th birthday is upon us, and there are celebrations around the world.

If you happen to be in Berlin on Sunday (it could happen), check out this exhibit and performance at the Neue Nationalgalerie by combat-disco supergroup, Apparatjik, with a special appearance by the Discoball smartcar.

While you’re at it, stop by the Mies van der Rohe Haus to take in a stunning photography exhibit, “Ludwig Glaeser—Mies and his Archivist.”

Mies’ hometown of Aachen has several events planned, including several at the cathedral that was among his earliest influences.

Here in Chicago, online registration has closed for the Mies Society’s party on Monday, March 28th. We’re excited for a great crowd! But stragglers still have a chance to get in: Make a reservation via email or voicemail (312-567-5042), using a credit card. Or make your reservation and then bring a check to the party.

Photo credit: Daimler AG/Oliver Schenk

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Mar, 24, 2011,
6:44 AM

Top 10 reasons to come to Mies’ birthday party

In case some of you need convincing, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to come to our event celebrating Mies van der Rohe’s 125th birthday.


10. Drinks by Lulu B. and ice wine cocktails by Equifera Icewine of Canada.

9. Pre-party! Our members-only reception starts at 5:15pm and features judging of our annual Mess With Mies sculpture competition.

8. The chance to purchase unique items like these gorgeous coasters and Mies van der Roast coffee.

7. Free parking! Also, easy access to CTA Green and Red Lines.

6. Awesome people-watching. Rub shoulders with Chicago’s architecture cognescenti, design illuminati, and future starchitects.

5. Custom-designed birthday cake from Tipsycake.

4. Insights from Wright auction’s Michael Jefferson. You’ll know how to score the good stuff and how to spy the fakes.

3. The chance to roam Crown Hall. When was the last time you hung out in one of the masterpieces of modern architecture?

2. Tickets are only 50 bucks. Or spring for our special-offer $125 ticket, and you’ll enjoy a one-year membership to the Mies Society at the Concrete level.

1. Every ticket purchased supports the exquisite restoration of Mies’ masterpieces on the IIT campus, including Carr Memorial Chapel.


Made up your mind? Go get your ticket! The party starts at 6:00pm on Monday, March 28th.


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Mar, 22, 2011,
7:02 PM

Your daily dose of Mies

In honor of Mies van der Rohe’s 125th birthday, Knoll’s UK branch is Tweeting a different fact about the architect every day in March. From personal details (son of a stonemason) to interesting trivia (148 pieces of leather in the seat of a Barcelona chair), every day delivers an interesting snippet about Mies.

Makes us think of Riddle Mies This!, the Mies trivia game show we put on for last year’s birthday.

Speaking of birthdays and Barcelona chairs, tickets are still available for our birthday bash on Monday, March 28th. Come for the cocktails, stay for the conversation! With his presentation on spotting modern furniture fakes, Wright auction’s Michael Jefferson is sure to give us plenty to talk about.

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