Oct, 25, 2010,
7:27 PM

Living with Mies

A recent article in the New York Times goes inside daily life at Lafayette Park, a residential development in Detroit that Mies designed in the late 1950s.

Comprised of high rise buildings and townhouses, Lafayette Park represents the largest collection of Mies-designed buildings in the world and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966.

Turns out, Mies was in good company at Lafayette Park: Ludwig Hilbersheimer served as the development’s urban planner and Alfred Caldwell was the landscape designer. Mies’ frequent collaborator Herb Greenwald developed the district.

Among the residents are a family that blogs about life in Detroit, raising kids, and living in a Mies building.

Read another article about Lafayette Park in the Wall Street Journal here.

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Oct, 17, 2010,
6:11 PM

Coming soon: Our new website!

The Mies Society can’t wait to unveil our latest project: a brand-new website designed by Scott Thomas, author of Designing Obama.

In addition to tracking progress on our restoration efforts, visitors will be able to take a look at the contents of Mies’ bookshelf. And as a new resource for all things Mies, the site will feature information about Mies’ legacy that isn’t available anywhere else. Detailed building “biographies” will feature sketches, drawings, models, 3-D renderings, and photos of modernism’s most important structures.

Full site launches in November; here’s a sneak peak.

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Oct, 15, 2010,
7:30 AM

Top 40, Chicago-style

Chicago’s Top 40 Artistic Breakthroughs itemized in the September issue of Chicago Magazine include Second City, Muddy Waters, the Dil Pickle Club, and Studs Terkel.

We’re delighted to see Mies van der Rohe’s IIT campus ranked as #2!

Read the article here.

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